Debi Willis will be presenting MyLinks at the Health 2.0 conference along with Dr. Don Rucker of the ONC, Paul Black CEO of Allscripts, Ryan Howells of the CARIN Alliance, and several other prominent Health IT leaders. She will demonstrate how a patient can pull and aggregate their clinical data from Cedars-Sinai and New York Presbyterian, who use different EHRs. She will also demonstrate how patients can send data from MyLinks to any provider. MyLinks uses the newest interoperability standards to help patients gather and share their medical records among their full care team. MyLinks also enables patients to link with other patients and researchers – with a goal to save lives, lower healthcare costs, find cures faster, and bring a much better experience to both patients and caregivers.


Incredible demo from @MyPatientLink on sharing to empower @health2con @nyphospital @carinalliance

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