PatientLink 360

PatientLink 360 allows patients to conveniently and securely self check-in from anywhere, using any web-enabled device: computer, tablet, kiosk, or smartphone!

Contactless Check-In

Contactless check-in reduces manual data entry, waiting room bottlenecks, and helps keep everyone safe during the intake process.

Patient Intake

Customized patient intake forms collect valuable information, and PatientLink delivers it to the EHR as discrete structured data.


Offer your patients the convenience of self-scheduling appointments, giving you more control over your time and simplifying the entire process.

Contactless Check-In

Save time and money on manual data entry by providing patients with the ability to complete their intake using PatientLink 360.

With PatientLink 360, patients receive customizable appointment reminders via email/text message. Their reminders include a secure link to the specific form set needed for their appointment. Throughout the process, the patient is able to:
• review/update demographics
• make payments
• sign consent forms
• complete questionnaires/other clinical data forms
• upload image files (insurance cards, ID’s, etc.)

Upon completion, all information collected will be delivered to the EHR/PM as discrete structured data.

 When their appointment is set and certain criteria are met, patients receive a customizable text message reminder and email. The reminders will include a link to their intake forms, which must be completed prior to the appointment.

PatientLink customizes the patient intake process to match the dataset required from your patients, sending forms and appointment confirmations to patients at the appropriate time. Below are some examples:

• Telehealth consents
• PHQ-9s
• SDOH questionnaires
• Post visit surveys
• Insurance information
• Bill pay
• Intake forms

The information collected is sent as discrete structured data into your EHR. PatientLink 360 interfaces with the EHR and PM software to provide an easy, seamless experience for everyone.

Patient Intake

PatientLink 360 streamlines patient intake, improving your workflow.  Patient generated health data flows as discrete structured data into your PM and EHR.

  • Patients are able to complete their intake digitally from home.
  • Front desk staff is relieved of the manual data entry.
  • Clinicians and staff spend significantly less time entering patient data into the EHR.
  • Time savings promotes quality patient engagement, while reducing visit time. It lessens stress and saves money.
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  • PatientLink 360 works on any web-enabled device
  • Automated forms based on appointment type
  • Patient intake completed at home
  • Patient reviews/updates demographic info
  • Automated appointment reminders via email/SMS
  • Patient provided health information sent as discrete structured data into the EHR/PM
  • Collect patient e-signatures
  • Collect co-pays or balances
  • Create and send customized patient outreach via email and text message
  • Fully integrated with your EHR/PM
  • Integrates with your merchant service provider
  • Customized patient experience to meet your workflow
  • Review patient data prior to accepting it into your EHR/PM

Powerful Dashboard

  • Push email or SMS reminders to patients
  • View patient demographics
  • Review and accept patient changes/updates
  • View appointment status
  • View billing status
  • Sort and filter by locations/providers
  • Fully customizable patient intake forms
  • Run reports
  • Send custom broadcast messages for weather related closures or other mass communication scenarios
  • Create users with controlled access

PatientLink 360 works with...

Allscripts Practice Management

Allscripts Professional EHR

Allscripts TouchWorks EHR

Allscripts Sunrise EHR

Athena Health (formerly GE)

Don't see your EHR or practice management software listed?

We have some integrations in progress now.  Contact us today to discuss future integration or other custom solutions that may work for you.

PatientLink 360

Contactless check-in and patient intake all in one easy to use package