Quality Measures

We help you collect important information from patients to improve your reporting of quality measures. Read Dr. Livingston’s story of how PatientLink helped INTEGRIS Physician Services (IPS) in data collection:


Meaningful Use Reporting

The combination of our EHR and PatientLink solutions has helped IPS meet Meaningful Use requirements. “In terms of attesting for Meaningful Use, PatientLink is a real game changer,” Livingston said. “Before, we were running scripts and looking in four or five places to find the information that we need,” Livingston said. “Now, it’s much simpler to get the information out. I know we’re much more accurate with our documentation and it’s easier to find the information we need.” IPS practices attested for Meaningful Use in early 2013, and earned a substantial incentive payment.

Standardized Terminology

A byproduct of using the PatientLink forms is that it allowed IPS to standardize clinical terminology among all of its practices, which has helped with quality reporting. “We have a common, standard vocabulary for the chart across our enterprise and we can put exactly the right term in exactly the right place in order to data mine,” Livingston said.


Read the full story here: Integris Case Study

Improved Documentation and Data Access

“There’s no question that PatientLink® helps us document patient visits much better to support coding. I think the use of the EHR has enabled our physicians to look at our patients more closely, look at our patterns of care and gaps in care, and take better care of patients,” Livingston said. “Using PatientLink with our EHR, our providers now process a great deal more information about a patient with just a few clicks of the mouse from a number of settings, whether it’s from a PC in the clinic, a personal laptop, a home PC or a mobile device. They’re no longer tied to the office to get to patient information.”

INTEGRIS Physician Services (IPS)