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PatientLink Scan

Completed questionnaires send the patient data directly into your EHR.

PatientLink Online

Complete online forms using any web-enabled device.

PatientLink 360

Explore its robust features, offering a full patient check-in experience.


Gather, manage, and share your personal health records, fully under your control.

Why Choose PatientLink?


At PatientLink, we have decades of experience in healthcare technology and tens of thousands of daily users!

We’re experts at capturing data, and we’re the ONLY company using multiple methods to write structured data, deliverable to any location and in any format. Experience the data difference with PatientLink. Let’s help you solve ALL your needs!


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Customize Intake Forms


Improve Patient Engagement


Save Time and Money

Supporting healthcare organizations, both big and small across the U.S.

Patients’ needs are continually evolving – so are the solutions we offer.

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