As expectations for quality measures increase, physician practices often struggle with the growing burden of data entry. The big question becomes: How do we get the data in a way that is reportable, without driving clinicians crazy in the process?
One of our clients – a large, multi-region health system – has well-established workflows, documentation and training, but recognized that the complexity of quality metric requirements and the size of the organization created too much variability in data entry. To achieve better Medicare Shared Saving Program (MSSP) quality metric scores and improve clinician satisfaction, this organization designed a project to decrease the data entry burden.
It reached out to PatientLink, a partner of Allscripts that provides online and point-of-service solutions to automate patient data collection. PatientLink developed a custom form that pulls discrete data into Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR with a combination of patient- and user-facing interfaces. Together with custom note forms, flowsheets and order groups, the new tools reduced the number of steps necessary to automate 70 data points that satisfy approximately 11 measures.

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