Capture clinical research data accurately and quickly with PatientLink

PatientLink’s medical research data software makes it easy to gather complete, detailed and organized patient data – and the benefits to researchers don’t stop there. PatientLink can also help researchers identify study participants and continue data collection during the study. With PatientLink you can:

Quickly identify research candidates

By developing questionnaires which specifically ask inclusion and exclusion questions, PatientLink can quickly identify if an interested person is a qualified candidate for a particular research study. Paper questionnaires can be placed in clinics or mailed to possible candidates. Electronic forms can be completed online or using iPads/kiosks at clinics. This creates a list of persons who want to participate, and are qualified to participate. PatientLink makes this process fast and easy.

Score assessments instantly

The ability to score assessment forms is another powerful asset of our product. PatientLink sends the participant’s responses as well as the scores to your database.

Customize your PatientLink experience

PatientLink can build the tools you need to collect, store and analyze your data – you choose our level of involvement. You’ll get the forms and the software you need to import data into your existing database, or we can build your database and develop your reports as well. Whatever your clinical research data needs, PatientLink can provide a solution.

PatientLink has worked with a number of groups and companies to develop tools to capture all types of clinical data. Let us show you how our clinical research software can help you develop more robust and scalable studies.