PatientLink Scan®

Some patients feel more comfortable with “low tech” options, but don’t worry! We’re able to meet all needs by providing paper forms, which also provides structured data into your EHR. Our innovative technology digitizes the form as it’s scanned, pulling the discrete data elements from the form and sending the clinical data into your EHR.

Examples of Form Types:

  • Patient Clinical Intake
  • Medicare Well-being Assessments
  • Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)
  • Research
  • Disease Management
  • Scored Assessments
  • Quality Measures
  • Satisfaction Surveys

We’ll customize any form!

PatientLink Online®

PatientLink Online customization means we provide your clinic with online links to send to your patients to complete their clinical intake forms, and electronically sign necessary forms from the convenience of their home or in the office using any smart-device.

We customize forms to meet your workflow needs. Our user-friendly form designs provide an ease-of-use experience for patients who have varying levels with technology.

As always, the data collected via PatientLink’s point-of-service products are seamlessly integrated into your electronic health record as discrete, structured data.

Online Patient Solution:

• Patients fill out forms from home or at the clinic
• Our software works on any web-enabled device or kiosk
• Fully integrates with your EHR
• Electronically sign consent/acknowledgement forms
• Electronically fill out health intake and assessment forms
• Patient experience is customized to meet your workflow

PatientLink 360®

PatientLink 360 allows patients to conveniently and securely self check-in from home or your clinic using any web-enabled device: computer, tablet, kiosk, or smartphone!

You can configure your system to automatically send email/SMS patient reminders, linking them to appointment-specific forms to review and update their demographic information, make payments, electronically sign forms, and complete customized health intake and assessment forms.

Full Spectrum Patient Check-in Solution:

  • Full spectrum patient check-in solution
  • Our software works on any web-enabled device
  • Forms are automated based on appointment type
  • Patient intake is completed at home or at the location-of-care
  • Patients are able to review and update their demographic info
  • Patients are able to complete health intake and assessment forms
  • Automated appointment reminders via email/SMS
  • Data is sent into the PM and EHR as discrete structured data
  • Collect patient e-signatures
  • Collect patient co-pays or make payment on previous balances
  • Fully integrated with your EHR/PM
  • Integrates with your chosen merchant service provider
  • Patient experience is customized to meet your workflow
  • Patient data is reviewed prior to being accepted into your EHR/PM


Our award-winning MyLinks FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) application makes it possible for patients to better manage their care from one device, allowing patients to electronically gather, aggregate, and share personal health records with whomever they wish.

MyLinks Features:

  • Manage/edit health records
  • Share health records
  • Store health records or important documents
  • Gather health records from multiple portals
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Connect health devices
  • Keep a journal
MyLinks Laptop and Iphone

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