Collect patient intake for telehealth visits from anywhere!

Collect patient intake for telehealth visits from anywhere

As virtual visits are increasing, there is an increased need to electronically gather patient intake information for telemedicine visits. Our solution works alongside telemedicine software to capture the patient’s data prior to the virtual visit, providing a safer experience for both patients and providers. PatientLink has twenty years’ experience in capturing digital patient intake information and sending it as structured data into EHRs, PMs, and other databases. We’re experts in the software field!

We’re here to help you transition into telehealth and improve your workflow by helping you remotely capture new patient intake or returning patient information from any location.

Patient Intake for Telehealth Workflow

The patient schedules a same-day or future appointment for a telehealth visit.
The patient receives a link via email or text message to complete their online patient intake using any web-enabled device.
The patient fills out their intake form(s) based on appointment type. Any form can be customized to match your workflow.
Once the patient intake is complete, their info is sent directly into your EHR, PM, or other specified location as discrete and structured data.
The patient's data can then be reviewed before accepting their info into your EHR or PM, and is immediately ready to be used for your virtual visit.

Fully Customizable Digital Patient Intake with PatientLink

PatientLink Online and PatientLink 360 features include:

  • Multiple solutions available for Telehealth visits
  • Patients are able to complete customized health intake and assessment forms
  • Forms can be completed from any location
  • All patient responses are sent as structured data into your EHR and PM
  • Digital forms are compatible with any web-enabled device
  • Collect patient e-signatures 
  • Collect patient co-pays or make payment on previous balances
  • Fully integrated with your EHR and PM
  • Automated appointment reminders via email, text, or voice
  • Digital forms are automated based on appointment type
  • Patients are able to review and update their demographic info
  • Capture insurance cards, photo ID, or any other image
  • Data can be sent to research databases, or to any location
  • Data can be sent simultaneously to multiple locations 
  • Collect information from patient satisfaction surveys
  • Patient experience is fully customized to meet your workflow

Most common patient intake forms:

  • Covid Screening
  • Comprehensive Patient History
  • Review of Systems
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Depression Questionnaires
  • Opioid Risk Assessments
  • Alcohol Risk Assessments
  • Pain Questionnaires
  • Medicare Wellness
  • Risk Questionnaires
  • Advance Directives

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We can build any form!

LSU using PatientLink for Telehealth to Thrive

How our products are making a difference during challenging times

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The LSU Healthcare Network received a staggering 6,830 patient form submissions in the first 3 weeks after going live with PatientLink Online. “All the data is there in the EHR!” – LSU physician.

A multi-state health organization used PatientLink to automate over 21,000 Medicare Wellness Visits in 2019, which generated $3.5M in additional revenue.
A California based community health system uses PatientLink solutions to collect data from over 500 patients per day.
A Minnesota based orthopedics organization uses PatientLink to capture patient data and send chart attachments. They sent 670,000 chart attachments in a 3 month span.

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