What We Do

Our job is to make your job easier. We know that getting data into your EMR can be the most time-consuming (and often frustrating) part of your day. PatientLink removes the burden of manual data entry by sending information directly from the patient to your EMR as discrete structured data.


PatientLink provides multiple methods to capture information from a patient:

  • PatientLink Scan is the easiest method for patients, staff and clinicians. Paper forms are very easy and fast for patients to complete, no remembering passwords or need to know how to use electronic devices. (Paper scan forms can be completed in the office or mailed to patients.) Click here to see a workflow.
  • PatientLink Online allows patients to complete the forms from home. PatientLink Online provides the fastest workflow for your office, but clinics are currently seeing only about 20% of patients willing to complete history forms online. Many providers who use PatientLink Scan also purchase PatientLink Online. Click here to see a workflow.
  • Kiosks and iPads can be used in the office to display the PatientLink electronic forms to patients.

Data from the patient is sent directly to your EMR for viewing and approval. There is no need to log in to a remote server and pull the data into the patient’s chart. The patient’s information is displayed to you when you go to their chart, allowing you to accept or reject any portion.

Who can use PatientLink?

  • Medical Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Research Organizations
  • Universities
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • And many more!