Large Practices

We know large organizations need their patient charts to be consistent and complete throughout the practices. Enforcing those rules can be difficult. We have been working with large practices since 1997 to help them build forms which make the task of data consistency very easy.

Why is PatientLink the best choice for a large practice?

Many organizations use PatientLink to help ensure complete data is written to the proper fields in the EMR. We can help you get complete data into your EMR quickly and help to keep your data better organized!

Many organizations use a “base” form to capture important information which is essential among all their groups. The “base” form is given to the patient at their first visit to the practice. Specialty specific “booster” forms are given to gather more information when a patient visits a new specialty. Using this method, your

data is consistent throughout your organization and you can leverage the information gathered at previous visits. At PatientLink, we can customize individual solutions to eliminate the manual data entry for each of your groups.

“We told anybody and everybody that your product is great!”
– Mary Hoyer, Northwest Heart Specialists

We send discrete data into your EMR

  • Past Medical History
  • Surgical History
  • Social History
  • Family History
  • Review of Systems
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Meaningful Use
  • Scored Assessments
  • PQRS Measures
  • Research

PatientLink helps save time, reduce data entry costs, generate income, and give you the ability to focus on the most important thing: the patient!

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