Scored Assessments

Patient generated health data (PGHD) can be electronically submitted to your EHR in a matter of seconds to assess a patient for risk factors.

Within seconds, the patient’s answers as well as the calculated score will be sent to your EHR giving your clinical staff the extra time to dedicate to the patient instead of a calculator.

Would you like to see how PatientLink® can customize a scored assessment for you?

“We use PatientLink and think it is the best thing since bread & butter. We tell everybody about it.”

– Carolyn Baldwin, Virginia Surgical Associates

Some of our more popular assessments include:

  • Pain assessments
  • Opioid Risk assessments/screenings (DAST)
  • Substance Abuse assessments/screenings
  • PHQ-9/2 Depression screenings
  • Edinburg Postnatal Depression screening
  • Beck Depression Inventory
  • Neck Disability Index (NDI)
  • Vanderbilt Assessment Scale
  • M-CHAT, M-CHAT-R Autism screening
  • ATAQ Asthma screening
  • Fall Risk assessments
  • Medicare Health Risk assessments
  • GAD-7
  • Audit-C
  • PEG Scale
  • Lead Exposure Risk assessment

PatientLink® helps save time, reduce data entry costs, generate income, and give you the ability to focus on the most important thing: the patient!

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