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Proven Software Solutions

  • Improve clinic efficiency by streamlining patient intake, using a variety of methods
  • Increase revenue by providing easy bill payment
  • Decrease no-shows with automated appointment reminders
  • Decrease physician and clinical staff burden by reducing manual data entry
  • Improve patient satisfaction by giving them options to complete forms at any time
  • 99% customer retention rate
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Stellar Customer Support

    • Our support staff is all in-house, never giving you an automated wait-time or call
    • You’ll be treated with the utmost care every step of the way during your implementation and training to make sure you’re completely satisfied with our solutions
    • After installation, we will continue to provide the same high-level of support and service
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Best Custom Form Options

  • You request it, we can build it. Capture the exact data you need with the ability to customize ANY form
  • Examples: Patient Clinical Intake, Medicare Well-Being Assessments, Social Determinates of Health (SDOH), Research, Disease Management, Scored Assessments, Quality Measures, Satisfaction Surveys, M-CHAT, AND more!
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Robust Data Collection

  • We offer more options to capture patient-generated data than our competitors
  • We write structured data and send it directly into your EHR or other specified location, in ANY format
  • Captured data can be sent to multiple locations at the same time

“Partnering with PatientLink has allowed us to more efficiently screen thousands of our patients annually for substance use disorders.”

 -Alison C. (Penobscot Community Healthcare)

PatientLink Solutions

  • iPhone X Patient Form

    PatientLink Online®

    Many of your patients are comfortable with technology, so give them the option to complete their forms from any device, at any time.

    Our online solution is perfect for clinical patient intake, signature capture, risk assessment, and research. The patient’s info is sent as structured data into your EHR, database, or to any location of your choice.

  • PatientLink 360 Clinic Dashboard

    PatientLink 360®

    You can have it all with our full patient check-in software solution!

    360 expands our PatientLink Online product by adding the ability for patients to complete both practice management intake forms and bill payment, as well as clinical intake forms. PatientLink 360 integrates directly with your EHR and your Practice Management software. All forms can be completed from home or at the clinic using any web-enabled device: computer, tablet, kiosk, or smartphone.

  • Epson Scanner with Form Loaded

    PatientLink Scan®

    Not every patient is tech savvy. Sometimes it’s best to offer a universally accepted solution, like paper!

    Our paper-based form option can be mailed to the patient, prior to their appointment or the patient intake form can be completed once they arrive. When the form is scanned, PatientLink software reads the patient responses and directly sends their information into the correct fields of your EHR as structured data.

  • MyLinks on Phone and Laptop


    Patients can gather, aggregate, manage, and share their personal health records with whomever they wish

    MyLinks gives the patient the power to collect, review, and share access to all of their personal health records with anyone, at any time. MyLinks is a FREE application for both the patient and provider to use, and can be accessed using any web-enabled device.


INTEGRIS Case Study – Improved Documentation and Data Access

“There’s no question that PatientLink helps us document patient visits much better to support coding. I think the use of the EHR has enabled our physicians to look at our patients more closely, look at our patterns of care and gaps in care, and take better care of patients,” Livingston said. “Using PatientLink with our EHR, our providers now process a great deal more information about a patient with just a few clicks of the mouse from a number of settings, whether it’s from a PC in the clinic, a personal laptop, a home PC or a mobile device. They’re no longer tied to the office to get to patient information.”

INTEGRIS Physician Services (IPS)

Partnership Logos PatientLink

“PatientLink has always had a great team and works to keep their organization focused on customer service. Great leadership, great team.”

           – Julie H. (Hellman & Rosen Endocrine Associates)

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