Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a system?

Our standard system includes the following: PatientLink Software, Software License, PatientLink Scanner and Standard Forms to capture past medical history, surgical history, social history, family history, and review of systems.

Is this an imaging system?

No, PatientLink is not an imaging system. We send discrete, structured clinical data into your EHR. Everything goes into the right spot without any manual data entry.

What clinical data does PatientLink send?

Depending on your EHR, PatientLink sends data to: Past Medical History, Surgical History, Social History, Family History, Review of Systems, HPI, Medications, Allergies and Procedure Results.

Is there data that cannot be sent electronically?

We are restricted by the EMR as to which data elements they can receive. Please contact a PatientLink account manager for specifics concerning your EMR.

What is the scanning pricing model?

PatientLink scan system is sold as a complete unit. We charge per system, we do not charge per doctor.

What is the online pricing model?

PatientLink Online is sold as a subscription. The charge is based on the number of providers.

How many scanners/systems do I need?

The number of scanners you need is determined by the workflow and volume of your clinic. If you have one check-in station, then one scanner will suffice. The scanning process takes about 10 seconds per patient. For situations where multiple patients are checked in at the same time, you may want to utilize multiple scanners.

Will PatientLink work with a thin client?

PatientLink requires a Windows operating system and the ability to plug the scanner into a USB port. Our office will gladly provide you with the necessary specifications required to use the PatientLink software.

What is the warranty on the scanner?

There is a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on the scanner. Extended warranties are available for purchase.

Can I include questions that are not listed on any of the standard forms?

We will work with you to understand your needs and build your forms. Additional charges apply for customization.

Do my forms have to be made by PatientLink, or can I build my own?

We build the forms for you. The process is very complex and most people do not have the resources to build forms at their clinic. We may supply a tool in the future to allow you to do this.

Where can I purchase my printed forms?

The forms are sent to you as a PDF image. You may print them as needed at your clinic, or have them professionally printed.

Do I need special paper to print the forms?

If you have a single-sided form, standard copy paper will suffice. If you have a double-sided form, we recommend using 24# paper.

Can we mail the forms to the patient?

Yes. If you want to mail your forms, please let us know when we are working with you on the design. We can format the questionnaire to allow for folds.

Can we post these forms online?

Yes. Our PatientLink Online product will allow patients to answer your questions from home. The answers will be sent to your EMR as discrete structured data. (Click here to learn more)

Can we post the forms online, so patients can print them from home?

No. However, PatientLink Online is another product that is available for purchase. It will allow your patients to complete and submit their forms via the internet. (Click here to learn more)

Can we use a tablet or kiosk?

Yes, PatientLink forms can be built to be used on a tablet or kiosk. If you would like to use a tablet or kiosk to capture patient information, it is important to understand that you should limit your questions when using this method. A few questions on a kiosk or iPad will not slow the flow of your clinic; however, if you prefer to obtain a complete history from the patient, it is best to consider the paper form method. (Click here to learn more)

Do the questions on your forms meet Meaningful Use requirements?

PatientLink makes every attempt to help clinics meet Meaningful Use requirements. However, it is the clinic’s responsibility to confirm that questions on the bubble forms are compliant with Meaningful Use.