Try patient registration software that adapts to your patients

Every patient is unique, with unique medical needs and goals. Each patient also has a unique relationship with technology. PatientLink provides you a way to get the patient registration information you need while keeping the questionnaires in a format your patients understand.

PatientLink medical form software has the answer

PatientLink gives you multiple modes of data capture to offer your patients. These range from online forms – which patients can fill out in advance of their appointments, to multiple methods of data entry in the office – including paper forms!

Furthermore, PatientLink provides customizable patient registration software. You can have a solution designed to fit your unique needs, asking for only the data you need to provide treatment or gather research data.

PatientLink helps clinics meet Meaningful Use and Quality Measures

PatientLink’s ability to take patient-generated health data from a non-clinical setting and incorporate it into the electronic health record (EHR) can help you meet specific measures regarding patient engagement.