EHR integration is the key to your success

Electronic Health Records (EHR), also called Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are a vital part of modern medical care.

However, manually entering information into the EHRs has remained an inefficient and expensive frustration for patients and medical care personnel alike.

PatientLink provides the solution for your EHR integration needs.

EHRs are, at their core, collections of discrete patient data, usually captured in a series of forms that are filled out by the patient and/or the care provider. The information physicians need varies according to their specialty – and patients each have their own preferences on how they would like to share that information. Because every patient and provider is unique, PatientLink provides multiple modes of data capturing.

PatientLink Online Solution

Patients complete forms from home and the data flows into your EHR as discrete structured data.

Point-of-Service Solutions

PatientLink Smart Device

For patients comfortable with technology, PatientLink can be used on any smart device. (Bill pay option requires iPad)

PatientLink Medical Form Scanning

An overwhelming majority of our clinics tell us paper is the easiest and fastest way for patients to fill out forms. We understand. No problem: our scanning system digitizes the data and sends it into your EHR as discrete structured data.

PatientLink Medical Data Kiosk

For clinics that want to use an on-site kiosk, PatientLink can easily be set up to meet your needs.

Data we collect:

  • Past Medical History
  • Family Medical History
  • Social History
  • Other Medical History
  • Review of Systems
  • Pregnancy History
  • Surgical History
  • Medication
  • Allergies
  • Vitals
  • Scored Assessments
  • History of Present Illness
  • Advanced Directives
  • Demographics
  • Medicare Wellness

PatientLink® Seamless Workflow

Patient completes forms from home

Access discrete data in your EMR

Patient completes forms in the office

Collect data from patients at home and in the office with PatientLink all-in-one solutions.

PatientLink® helps save time, reduce data entry costs, generate income, and give you the ability to focus on the most important thing: the patient!

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